Ken Calcutt, CMFC

Founder, Financial Advisor
Ken Calcutt, CMFC

Ken is the founder of Cornerstone Financial Management, LLC. He is a Columbia, South Carolina native. He graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2000 with a degree in finance. Ken started in the financial planning industry in 2004. After 10yrs in the industry, Ken started his own practice in August 2014. Cornerstone Financial Management, LLC currently has 4 licensed financial advisors, 1 licensed financial advisor assistant and 4 support staff members.

Ken and his wife, Missey, have been blessed with five children; Branson (13), Sloan (10), Tinsley (7), Manning (5) and Riggins (2). They are currently partners at Awaken Church in Columbia and were previously members of North Trenholm Baptist Church since they accepted Christ in 1999. Ken and Missey went through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University in 2006 and began following the baby steps. Today, they are working hard to teach their children the importance of a hard work ethic and good money management. Ken became a ELP/SmartVestor Pro with Dave Ramsey in 2011, and since then, he has been able to help hundreds of people work toward their financial goals.


Financial freedom begins with a recognition. It is then followed by a decision to leave where you are in pursuit of where you want to be.

Bob Deaton, CFP, CMFC

It isn’t how much money I’m making that will determine my financial success. Rather it is how much I’m keeping and how hard it is working for me.

Jay Brown

If we are planning for our future, we have to begin with the present. If we don’t identify our starting point, we will not have a direction to walk towards.

Ken Calcutt, CMFC

In the pursuit of our financial goals, we must be willing to adjust our strategies.

Robert Templeton, CKA, CRPS, CMFC