Bob Deaton, CFP, CMFC

Certified Financial Planner
Bob Deaton, CFP, CMFC

Bob Deaton is a certified mutual fund counselor and financial planner with more than thirty years of experience as a financial advisor. He was born in Milford, Connecticut and raised in the town of Cornelius, North Carolina. After high school, he attended Western Carolina University where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in business administration and political science.

He and his wife, Karen, live in a 200 year old farm house that they restored together. In their free time, they enjoy gardening, spending time with their pets, and relaxing at the beach.


Financial freedom begins with a recognition. It is then followed by a decision to leave where you are in pursuit of where you want to be.

Bob Deaton, CFP, CMFC

It isn’t how much money I’m making that will determine my financial success. Rather it is how much I’m keeping and how hard it is working for me.

Jay Brown

If we are planning for our future, we have to begin with the present. If we don’t identify our starting point, we will not have a direction to walk towards.

Ken Calcutt, CMFC

In the pursuit of our financial goals, we must be willing to adjust our strategies.

Robert Templeton, CKA, CRPS, CMFC