Business Planning

Do you have a business or are you planning to start one? Knowing which steps you need to take can give you direction in pursuing a positive return on your investment. Consulting a financial advisor will provide insight and help address your goals.

Here are a few considerations you should make before getting started:

  • What type of business do you have, or are you interested in starting?
  • Do you have capital to run the business?
  • Do you currently or will you potentially have investors?

These are all important elements that can help you to determine which steps you should take. You need to have a sound plan in place for a firm foundation that will give you a clearer picture of where your business is going and how it is going to get there. A financial advisor can assist you by helping you create a strategic financial plan that will include assets, liabilities and other contingencies that will all play a role in the management of your business.

Business Retirement Plan

Getting advice from an experienced financial advisor is the key to making a smooth and seamless transition into retirement. Our team will assist in providing strategies that will help you become more confident when it is time for you to retire. We can also help you set up a retirement plan for your business to benefit both you and your employees. This could include 401(k), Simple IRAs, SEP IRAs, and more. 

Business Planning

Business Succession

Whether it is next week or fifty years from now, at some point, it will be time to leave your business behind. Having a plan in place that will help dictate how things will be done after you’re gone will save time and money. There are a number of things to consider, including whether or not you will transfer ownership, sell the company or appoint someone as a figurehead to take charge while you continue operating as a consultant. You should also consider what your family should do with the company should something happen to you. All of these factors are a part of business succession planning and should not be taken lightly.

Getting the financial aspects of your business in order should be a top priority. Cornerstone Financial Management, LLC serves clients in Columbia, SC and the surrounding areas. Click here if you would like to have a financial advisor contact you about your business planning needs.

Financial freedom begins with a recognition. It is then followed by a decision to leave where you are in pursuit of where you want to be.

Bob Deaton, CFP, CMFC

It isn’t how much money I’m making that will determine my financial success. Rather it is how much I’m keeping and how hard it is working for me.

Jay Brown

If we are planning for our future, we have to begin with the present. If we don’t identify our starting point, we will not have a direction to walk towards.

Ken Calcutt, CMFC

In the pursuit of our financial goals, we must be willing to adjust our strategies.

Robert Templeton, CKA, CRPS, CMFC